Social Media Strategy

Laurie Girardi is considered  a social media expert in business, specifically for independent entrepreneurs. She has helped countless individuals achieve results through her “infusion” approach to leveraging both technology and social media. She teaches individuals how to utilize these new tools and methods to drive real results, without losing themselves in the process.

If your company is looking to learn more about a having a forward-thinking approach to how your field might choose to use social media in their businesses, Laurie can provide you with what you need. She also helps you see how your corporate brand best practices might not translate to best practices for your field of consultants and leaders, thus causing confusion.

A smart social media strategy for any company’s field begins with having a clear understanding of the social media platforms out there, how your field might choose to use them and how these choices might impact your business.

Laurie works with corporate teams to develop integrated solutions to meet the ever-growing need for clarity around social media. Areas of focus include:

  • Forward-thinking Policies & Procedures – help you as the company constructs policies that match your culture, goals and plan
  • Media Savvy – the smarts behind “why” you do what you do
  • Training on the “how tos” – the “literal” nature of knowing how to accomplish a task
  • Recommended access to resources – giving the field what they want and need

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