Leader Development

What drives growth in a direct selling company?  Why do some companies experience significant increases in sales, recruiting and retention while others do not?  The difference is often determined by whether or not a company has a strong leader development program in place.

…having a purposely planned, and well executed leader development program is essential.

Let’s assume you have created an environment in terms of the operations side of business that makes it easy to do business with you — the “system” works, order processing is simple for the field, your customer service engine runs smoothly.  You have a great product that ships and delivers in a timely manner. And, your career plan or compensation model matches up with what motivates today’s direct seller.   Let’s even assume that you have the essentials in place for training and developing consultants in the early stages of their business.  Let’s call all of these things the “hygiene” factors — the aspects of business mentioned above that when they are working well, no one notices, but when they are flawed, they create huge roadblocks.  Even when you have all of the key elements in business in place, sometimes, you still do not experience exceptional growth.

And, that’s where having a purposely planned, and well executed leader development program is essential.

Leader Development with The Girardi Group

We design and implement strategies, training & support that unleashes the entrepreneurial spirit of your consultants.

We help you create a customized leader development program that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit within your field, creates a culture of personal accountability and provides a powerful process for developing leaders.

The powerful engine called “leader development” runs on overdrive when what the company does to create results complements what’s being done by the leaders in the field. It’s like in the movie Finding Nemo … when all of the fish swim in the same direction as a cohesive team, amazing things happen. We help you harness the areas of strength of your consultant base and fill in the gaps with company-supported training and resources, resulting in a well-oiled leader development machine.

We design and implement strategies, training & support that unleashes the entrepreneurial spirit without overwhelming budding or seasoned leaders, with a keen awareness that today’s direct sellers have very different skills, goals and commitment levels, necessitating a different approach to developing leaders..

We think of leader development in terms of the company providing a process, key programs, powerful recognition/incentivizing behaviors AND updated tools & training, like a menu of options available to consultants. With a modern approach, consultants have what they need to become very self-motivated, which in turn, drive outstanding, sustainable results.

Our Consultative Approach

Through our consultative approach, we help you define what’s working and what’s not. We integrate several of our corporate services beginning with a targeted assessment, to determine solutions based on your company’s stage of business. We also help you look ahead to where you want to be in 1-5 years. And, together we determine the best solutions to provide your consultants and leaders with the process, the tools and the resources they need to move up through your compensation plan. Our solutions are multi-faceted and take into account the diverse learning styles of your consultants, the vast array of technology skills and the different time constraints and goals you’ll find at each rank in your plan.

We first focus on helping you evaluate the:

  • Role of the Leader in Your Company
  • Powerful Aspects of Your Compensation Plan or Areas of Weakness
  • Effectiveness of Your New Consultant Programs
  • Basic Training & Support Leaders Can Tap Into to Work with Their Teams
  • Essential Leadership Training & Support
  • Functionality of Your System & Consultant Access to Data
  • Applicability of Policies & Procedures
  • Access to Modern “how to” training on key technology & social media
  • Advanced coaching & support for trailblazers

Leader Development Initiatives

Customized to Your Company’s Needs

The possibilities are endless in terms of the various initiatives you can create and implement for your field leaders. Some focus on consultants running out the gates and reaching high for a period of a sprint while others might focus on specific aspects of the role of a leader. The following are just a few ideas to give you an idea of what we can do with you OR for you, depending on the size of your internal team.

  • Full scale, fully integrated leader development program
  • Fast track programs for targeted groups of top achievers
  • Trailblazers programs for young companies’ first leaders
  • New leader academy & on-going training
  • Rekindle productivity in seasoned leaders
  • Communication & connecting in a modern era
  • Recognition Overhaul
  • Coach the Coach
  • Train the Trainer
  • Lead the Leader
  • Advanced Leadership Principles

Leader Resource Development

The Tools They Deserve

When a company doesn’t provide their leaders with key access to tools, resources and training, they go find it elsewhere. While we, as a company, provide services to independent leaders through our Field Services programs, we strongly recommend that companies invest in “internal” resources geared to the brand, the culture and the voice of the particular entity.

We work with clients to develop internal resources such as:

  • Leader Guides, both virtual and print
  • Leader Virtual Training Suite
  • Leader Training Modules – company delivered for training leaders on key aspects of the leader role
  • Leader Training Modules – for field leaders to use in training their teams, in person or virtually
  • Team Meeting 365(TM) – a comprehensive team meeting toolkit including seasonal training modules to drive key actions
  • “How-To” Suite for technology & social media training

Whether your team of leaders is large or small, experienced or novice, The Girardi Group and Laurie Girardi are here to provide you with what you need. Please feel free to reach out to us to explore how we might work together in the future.

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