Contemporary Training

Looking for someone to provide insightful, modern training for your next event, or a specific group within your field? Does your company need an expert to partner with your internal team to develop training or provide training to your field in an on-going capacity?

Whether your company is a mature organization or much closer to start-up phase, Laurie Girardi can provide you with field training ranging from the basic essentials for new consultants through advanced leadership principles, sound social media strategies and powerful technology topics. You get Laurie’s proven strategies and modern approach tailored to your company’s needs.

Broad Training Topics

Customized to Your Company’s Needs

With a style that blends training, inspiration and tactical “how-to” instructions, Laurie meets the needs of today’s direct sellers “spot on.” Each topic is carefully crafted to match what’s important to your company and the specifics of the training event or series. Some of the broad training topics include:

  • The Art and/or Science of Selling
  • Selling from the Consumer’s Perspective
  • Recruiting in today’s fast-paced world
  • Employing a Service Mindset
  • Marketing YOU!
  • Social Media Strategies, Tools and Tactics
  • Communication – A classically contemporary approach (as a consultant or as a leader)
  • Understanding the Numbers in Your Personal Business
  • The Role of a Leader
  • Working with New Recruits
  • Technology Tools for Today’s Leader
  • KPIs – Essentials for Leaders
  • The Leader’s Action Plan (for communication, team meetings, recognition, training, coaching & support)

Types of Training Programs

  • On-site live training for consultants or leaders
    Ranging from 1-hour to several days of content.
  • Virtual training for groups of 10-10000
    From a short webinar series to the development of an entire eLearning suite, accessible via computer or mobile device.
  • Hybrid training
    Combine the power of virtual methods are with a live event to generate momentum (and attendance) prior to an event as well as a higher likelihood of post-event field follow-through and results.
  • Custom Training tools and programs
    Geared toward the new consultant, the growing consultant, the developing leader, the new leader and the leader of leaders through a multitude of media to meet the needs of diverse learning styles and technical abilities.

Laurie enjoys working with companies of all sizes. Often expertise such as Laurie’s is only accessible to larger companies with healthy budgets. However, Laurie prides herself on helping smaller companies devise budget-friendly solutions that can be built upon as they grow.

Laurie inspires an entrepreneurial way of thinking based on sound strategies

What sets Laurie apart in today’s industry is her unique ability to teach smart, sound business strategies that are universal across consultant level as well as define the specific, modern technology methods and tools that might be used to do the work – all without overwhelming those who are not tech savvy and invigorating those who are. Her decade as an educator at the school and graduate levels provides curriculum development and adult-learner expertise rarely coinciding with her depth of modern direct selling and technological expertise.

Instead of getting scripts and boring sets of steps that leave consultants uninspired to take action, Laurie inspires an entrepreneurial way of thinking based on sound strategies that all levels of consultants can grasp and implement immediately.

Contact us to set up a 30-minute chat to discuss the possibilities of partnering with Laurie Girardi to enhance your training, no matter the size or scope of the project.

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