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Is your company looking for passionate speaker for your next National event? Does your field need to hear contemporary messages that lead to greater results in sales, recruiting and leader development?

Every talk is geared toward the specific company’s strengths, challenges and areas of potential.

Laurie Girardi provides keynote talks on a variety of topics designed to motivate and inspire action! Because there is no one right way to do business in todays competitive marketplace, Laurie’s style helps direct sellers think like entrepreneurs with the ability to make anything happen. She instills a powerful sense of personal accountability into every aspect of business leading those who hear her messages to embrace opportunity and drive forward to make success happen.

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You won’t hear a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution on stage. While Laurie pulls from her depth of knowledge and experience and her own way of approaching business, every talk is geared toward the specific company’s strengths, challenges and areas of potential.

Most companies are looking for an extremely motivating conference speaker, and most consultants and leaders are looking for the nitty-gritty answer to the question, “but how do I do it, literally.” Laurie blends the strategy with the tactical execution in her talks to meet each company’s specific needs leading to the exact balance of motivation versus training that fits the goals of each event.

Broad Speaking Topics

Laurie’s personally developed perspectives lend themselves to speaking on various topics. Each talk is designed to be a blend of learning, motivation and actionable steps to drive results in key areas of sales, recruiting, team building and leader development.

  • Success Made Simple: The 7 Step Approach to Direct Selling Success.
    Everyone’s journey on the path to direct selling success looks a little different and is sprinkled with their own unique stories and experiences. However, the building blocks that got them there fit into a handful of key business building activities upon which a thriving business is built. The key to success is rooted in the basics.
    This keynote is specifically designed for party plan or social selling audiences whose businesses rely on a group/social selling environment coupled with a smart, modern approach to connecting, communicating and cultivating relationships. We’ll explore the key actions that make up the building blocks for success including: booking parties, host coaching, selling/facilitating a party experience, serving and recruiting. They’ll see how each is an essential piece of the puzzle and how choosing to focus on the basics of the business will catapult their businesses ahead.
    We begin the talk with the audience thinking about themselves as the cornerstone and foundation of their business. Capturing their hopes, dreams, goals in a way that makes them want to learn more and take action more quickly. Then, through her own stories and experiences, Laurie will take the audience on her journey from starting out brand new to building the largest organization in her company. She’ll share vital lessons learned along the way and the systems she put in place to achieve such remarkable results. They’ll go away motivated to hit the ground running AND have ideas and strategies they can put into action immediately. By breaking down success into 7 clear, actionable steps that make logical sense, Laurie creates a path every consultant can follow to achieve greatness.
  • Leadership Made Simple:The 7 Step Approach to Inspire Your Team to Dream Bigger, Reach Higher and Achieve More.
    Laurie artfully blends classic, smart leadership principles and strategies with a modern approach to inspire your leaders to embrace their role and influence success. Your leadership keynote will be crafted to fit your company’s goals and values and can focus on the role of a leader as a whole OR specific aspects of that role. Our goal together is to motivate your leaders from within to drive more sales, recruiting, retention and new leader promotions in a way that gives your leaders key understanding and action steps to implement immediately. The focus of this Keynote is on the foundational actions a leader should take to achieve the greatest results including: Selling, Recruiting, Training & Coaching, Inspiration, Communication, Recognition and Using Social Media/Technology to Maximize Results.
  • Marketing ME! A Fresh Way of Looking at the Business of Social Selling.
    When we think about what we do as consultants and leaders, it’s really all about creating interest and turning that interest into customers, recruits and leaders. We do that by piquing curiosity, inspiring action and developing strong relationships. Laurie calls this process “The Success Cycle.” She takes your consultants and leaders on a journey through the lens of how consumers make decisions today. She explores what gets and keeps the attention of clients, prospect and team members. By understanding how what you do offline blends with what you do online, you achieve more. Relationships are the cornerstone of building a strong, long-lasting business, and when you learn to serve clients and team members in a way that connects with what’s important to them, the magic happens. It starts by understanding the process and then putting that knowledge into action at each stage of each relationship.
  • Become the Next Recruiting Rockstar in 90 Days!
    Becoming an expert recruiter begins with cultivating your recruiter’s mindset and then putting ideas into action.  Today’s top recruiters blend classic AND contemporary methods and tools. Laurie teaches consultants and leaders a simple process for recruiting both offline and online. She instills a belief that recruiting is a powerful gift you have to give, and when you follow a process consistently, you’ll achieve remarkable results. She also teaches consultants and leaders how to leverage their online presence and social tools to expand their reach to build wider and deeper, both locally and nationally. Laurie’s a techie person who also believes in the power of real relationship-building, and her style and approach resonates with the most old-fashioned of sellers who are tech-nervous AND with those that are already achieving great results online. While she believes wholeheartedly in using technology tools in the smartest, most effective ways, she also believes that people still long for real, human interaction and when blended well, the results can be astounding.
  • The Power of One
    Something powerful happens when a consultant or leader realizes that each small step adds up to monumental results. We’ll explore key areas of business and learn how making small changes, adding just one more contact, or one more party or one new team member leads to significant growth. We’ve all heard it said that it’s a numbers game, right? Well, it’s no game, but understanding numbers is essential in growing a strong business, and Laurie breaks it down into concepts that are easy to grasp and compel immediate action.
  • It’s Something Bigger
    What you offer to customers, hosts, prospects, and your families isn’t just what’s found in your catalog or on a website. It’s something bigger. What you do matters in the world and impacts people’s lives in ways that cannot be measured. Your products change lives. Your business opportunity allows dreams to come true. The experiences you provide create life-long results. Laurie helps consultants and leaders develop their inner voice to coach themselves into believing in their something bigger and understand how to communicate this belief in a way that leads to greater results in the key measurables of selling, booking, recruiting and leader development.
  • Let’s Talk Technology
    Are your consultants or leaders looking to find the best tools and techniques to get the job done in today’s fast-paced world? Are they trying to use video conferencing for meetings OR attempting to master the virtual party or presentation OR using livestreaming to create more interest in their products or business? Laurie’s become adept at using technology at all stages of business … for marketing, selling, leading, training and communicating. She’ll work with your in-house team to custom-develop a presentation that fits your specific technology AND business needs.

When you choose to have Laurie speak as a keynote or breakout session expert at your National Conference or Leadership Retreat, you get a professional partner. Laurie’s goal isn’t to simply run the speaking circuit. She values personal connection. Therefore, she only commits to a handful of summer conferences and a smaller handful of winter Leadership programs.

For each commitment, you can expect Laurie to:

  • Delve into what you currently provide your field on the given topic to ensure a thorough understanding of your company’s perspective.
  • Interview several field consultants or leaders from your company to gain essential insight long before the event.
  • Conduct an in depth briefing on the topic to ensure compliance with your company’s style, policies and potential future changes.
  • Observe a party (for party-plan companies with representatives local to the Philadelphia market.)
  • Post-Event Livestream to drive home key points or provide for Q & A.

Contact Laurie to set up a 30-minute chat to learn more about how she might provide your company with contemporary insight at your next event.

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