Field Speaker Coaching

In our work with field leaders across the industry, we know that one of the most stressful, emotional, and powerful aspects of the business is the time spent at their company’s Regional, National or Leadership Conferences.

It’s a very smart, strategic decision to feature internal field expertise at all events.

As a company, one of the most impactful decisions you can make is to highlight your internal, field expertise at your company meetings. However, did you realize that consutlants and leaders are under an extreme amount of stress when selected to speak or present training? Sure, it is an honor. Absolutely, it elevates their belief in themselves and provides priceless recognition. But, it also creates a lot of stress prior to these events.

Most consultants and field leaders are not expert curriculum developers or natural public speakers. They may not know how to create Powerpoint or Keynote slides, or the most effective adult-learner training methods. They can spend hours trying to determine exactly how to tackle the task of creating a talk. And, when the same consultants or leaders are asked to speak time and time again, they can begin to resent being the “go to” expert.

Yet, they are experts in what they do, how consultants feel, and how to inspire others. And, it’s a very smart, strategic decision to feature internal field expertise at all events. It’s even smarter to provide them with a speaking professional who can partner with them as they develop their workshop or talk.

Field Speaker/Training Coaching Pre-Event

One of the best uses of corporate convention/meeting budgets is to invest in a professional speaker with direct selling expertise to help your field speaker/trainers develop the topics on which they will be speaking – unless you have an internal team to handle this process.

Laurie Girardi provides this service to companies based on the specifics of the particular event, the number of speakers and the duration of the training sessions. The benefit of this service is that your featured field speakers are not left to devise their topics on their own, they gain much needed confidence in their delivery abilities prior to the event, and they have a partnership with a professional along the way.

Create a culture where your top-level performers want to share their expertise and talent with your entire company.

Typically, this coaching includes:

  • One-hour intake interview with the lead corporate team member in charge of organizing field speaker sessions.
  • One-hour interview with each speaker to gather details on their expertise in the topic to flush out key points and elaborative examples.
  • Per speaker – a personalized outline from their one-hour interview.
  • One+ hour follow-up webinar with speaker to discuss outline.

Added services may include:

  • Powerpoint or Keynote preparation
  • Additional practice teleconferences/webinars

Choosing to invest in your company’s field consultants and leaders by cultivating internal training talent, creates a culture whereby your top-level performers want to share their expertise and talent with your entire company rather than feeling like the process is more of a burden. When you provide them with someone to partner with in the months leading up to their speaking opportunity, you give them the respect of saying, “we understand that this puts pressure on you, and we really appreciate all you do.”

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