Sometimes you know you want assistance in making changes or driving results in areas of less than ideal performance, but you are not sure of the exact reasons for the numbers you are seeing. One of the best ways to determine what’s working and what’s not is to have an assessment done that is specifically tailored to the questions you want to answer.

Assessment Process

We can develop an assessment to fit any company’s needs, but they all include a similar process which typically includes:

  • Initial Meeting to define desired outcome
  • Review of policies & procedures
  • Review of applicable training, marketing and internal manuals
  • Review of Workstation/Software System
  • Formal surveys of key groups
  • Field Interviews
  • Corporate Interviews
  • Party or meeting observation(s)
  • Written Report
  • Follow-Up Meeting to Review Results of Assessment

Assessment Topics

Some of our assessment topics include:

  • Branding & Marketing (website/mobile experience, collateral (print/digital) and social media alignment)
  • New Consultant Experience with Starter Kit Review
  • Leader Development Process
  • Sales Strategy – Person-to-Person and/or Party/Hybrid
  • Recruiting Process
  • Retention
  • Technology Gap & Technology Utilization
  • Social Media (Field) Infusion

Let’s connect today to chat more about how an assessment might help your company uncover key areas of strategic improvement.

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