Technology Strategy & Training

Does your blood pressure begin to climb when you think about all of the technology choices available to you as an entrepreneur today? Would you like to learn easier or more efficient ways of managing your time, your data and your business with the help of technology? Do you wish you had a live “help desk” you could connect with to create the best solutions that fit your goals, skills and level of business?

You feel like you have to do it all, but it’s a somewhat impossible task. We are here to help.

Are you looking for a partner to help you find the best tools and methods for your business? Have you turned to your leader for help but found that either his or her skills are far beyond yours or far below? And, if they have all of the answers, it’s just not fair to ask them to train you on technology when their job is to lead you in other areas.

Are you a leader who feels like you have all of the essential skills of being a great direct seller, but you feel challenged by the fact that you just cannot keep up with technology?

Direct sellers today are faced with a daunting task of getting themselves ahead technologically — and providing their teams with skills and knowledge that have nothing to do with revenue generating activities. You feel like you have to do it all, but it’s a somewhat impossible task.

We are here to help. Laurie Girardi is a self-proclaimed techie geek, and enjoys simplifying technology and alleviating confusion in all areas of business.

Technology Strategy & Training

Individualized Coaching To Help You Master Key Tools & Methods

Infusing technology into key areas of your business can help you become much more efficient and effective. Rather than feeling like you are getting ahead simply because you work harder and have boundless energy, you can learn how to use technology as a tool – like having a business partner who runs fast and smart. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Our Technology Strategy & Training is a form of personalized coaching/training focused on exactly what you need. Whether you need help with time management tools, organizing your business, gathering and sorting data, using technology to communicate with your contacts or team, or advanced training on supporting a long-distance team with technology, we can help. It doesn’t matter whether you use a Mac or a PC, iphone or Android or favor paper and pencil, and want to take baby steps. Our coaching matches you, where you are, and we work to help you get to where you want to be. We can move fast or slow, cover many topics at the surface level or take one area of your business and delve deep. It’s up to you!

Technology Strategy & Training Packages

Scheduled in Sets of 4, fifty-minute meetings

Technology Strategy & Training is offered in sets of 4, fifty-minute meetings where we use webinar technology for screen sharing and chat on the phone. Longer-term arrangements are available, too, depending on your need. All first time coaching/training clients also receive a 30 minute “get to know you” conversation as part of the first package.

Each meeting also includes either 30 minutes of preparation time prior to the call or 30 minutes of follow-up work or emails back and forth after the call. This allows for us to move through your learning swiftly because I will provide you with follow up information after our time together. In many cases, you are provided with clearly outlined screen-shots of what has been discussed so you don’t have to remember it all!

Contact Laurie today to chat about your tech strategy and training needs.

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