Team Website Development

As a top leader today, you may be wondering how having a password protected team website might help your business. At The Girardi Group, we work with high-performing leaders in many aspects of their businesses. Some of the top challenges of leadership today are:

  • Keeping your team connected and engaged
  • Motivating business building activities (revenue generating)
  • Providing on-going, on-demand team training
  • Communicating effectively in traditional and modern ways
  • Recognizing outstanding results to drive more results
  • Generating a team culture
  • Finding time to do it all

Is it time for a team website?

At a certain level of business success (and team/organization size,) it makes a lot of sense to develop a team website to help meet the needs of your growing group.

The Girardi Group can help you with this! Similar to our personal blog development, we follow a proven process to help you create a team website that fits where your team is now and where you want your organization to go in the future. We provide top-notch team site development from concept to design to strategy and execution. But, we do it in a way that minimizes the time you have to spend to go from idea to up and running.

We also have a clear grasp of the entire role you have as a leader, so we also work to help you see where design and decisions in one area of business help make another much easier to manage.

A few of the additional services (and training for you on the “how to”) we can include in your team website development process are:

  • Team newsletter design and creation
  • Recognition ideas using simple apps embedded in your team site
  • Recorded video messages and/or podcasts
  • A document library of the most important things you want your team to find fast

Oh, by the way, you can also choose to have a combined personal blog/team site all as part of one website—one open to the public and one password protected for your team. Ask us how.

We’d love to help you explore the benefits of having a team site as you move into the future of direct selling. Contact us today to learn more.

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