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Throughout my direct selling career, I have been fortunate to have the best mentor, Sue Rusch. I personally experienced the life-altering impact of having a first-class coach. I originally met Sue when I was a leader in the field. She was brought in to lead our company. I was lucky to be able to tap into the expertise of someone who had done what I wanted to do and who knew intuitively how to help me reach higher and push farther than I knew existed. I was a leader without an upline, and because of the success of my personal business, team and organization, I had access to Sue somewhat like a surrogate team leader. It was refreshing to tap into the knowledge and skills of someone whose experience I could borrow to develop my own.

There’s a long story between my time in the field with a very successful business and the rest of my career. The short story is that unfortunately, my company closed our division, and my business stopped unexpectedly and abruptly. It was one of those blessings in disguise.

One of the best outcomes of my experience in the field and subsequent six years working beside Sue in her consulting firm was to hone my coaching and personalized training style to fit the distinct needs of today’s direct selling leader.

Is it coaching or is it training?

Well, the simple answer is that it is both. It’s not about providing some pre-determined prescription for success. It’s all about getting to know you, your business, your strengths and the areas where you want to learn and grow as a leader. Sometimes, that means delving into your personal business of selling, recruiting and team building. Other times, maybe you need help with a specific aspect of your role as a leader – coaching, training, recognizing, holding meetings, etc. And, most of the time, clients needs are part coaching and part training.

It’s not about providing some pre-determined prescription for success. It’s all about getting to know you, your business, your strengths and the areas where you want to learn and grow as a leader.

My style meets today’s direct sellers’ needs

What sets my style apart is my ability to stay on course and shift gears at the same time. For instance, let’s say you’re greatest challenge currently is determining how to best communicate, motivate and train new consultants who join your team. Your challenged by the choices available to you, and you want assistance in determining not only what exactly to do to meet your goals, but then you want help literally figuring out what tools to use – how techie to get without losing your personal touch. And, quite possibly, you also need the tutorial on how to use whatever technology you deem most appropriate.

I can do it all with you. My team at The Girardi Group is also available to provide some of the “how to” or execution support so that when you come up with the best solution, you are never out there alone to get it done. We keep it as simple as possible, but we are always looking out for your best interest.

Personalized coaching and training with me is fun. I push you to think about what you want, but I keep it light with my sense of humor and compassion, so you get ahead without feeling a slight bit overwhelmed.

Personalized Coaching & Training Packages

Scheduled in Sets of 3, fifty-minute meetings

Personalized Coaching & Training packages are offered in sets of 3, fifty-minute calls or webinars. Longer-term arrangements are available, too, depending on your need. All first time coaching/training clients also receive a 30 minute “get to know you” conversation as part of the first package.

Each call also includes either 30 minutes of preparation time prior to the call or 30 minutes of follow-up work or emails back and forth after the call. This allows for us to move through your learning swiftly because I will provide you with follow up information after our time together. Many clients love the fact that when we are covering technology topics, they can choose to receive documents with pictures of everything we have covered.

Purchase Coaching with LAURIE GIRARDI

I typically only work with a handful of coaching clients at any one given time due to the many other aspects of business with which I am involved; however, providing personalized coaching is one of the most rewarding aspects of my consulting business.

Reach out today if you want to explore working with me directly in a very personalized, customized way or to receive details on Personalized Coaching & Training package rates.

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Would you like to schedule coaching with Sue Rusch?

Sue is world-class when it comes to coaching, and it’s easy for you to partner with her to move your business to the next level. Our coaching programs work similarly in terms of pricing and scheduling. You can feel free to reach out to Sue directly at

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