Group Training & Coaching

Maybe you know exactly where your team members get stuck. Or possibly you need a little help figuring out what to train them on, how to train them and just as importantly, what tools to use to minimize the areas where you duplicate efforts that could be automated.

No matter the need, Laurie can help you get what you want through Group Training & Coaching.

Field leaders with larger teams and organizations can tap into Laurie’s expertise through our Group Training & Coaching. This service provides you with a way to tap into the expertise of a top-notch industry professional, as a resource by your side.

Our Group Training & Coaching is a hybrid service designed to provide you, the leader, with a way to learn “best practices” in training methods and strategies, and get new, specialized training out to your team quickly. Sometimes what your team needs is a group coaching environment to tackle some of the hot topics of the day, and other times, they need specified training on everything from the basics to advanced leadership strategies. No matter the need, Laurie can help you get what you want through Group Training & Coaching.

How does it work?

Group Training & Coaching is offered in series starting as short as TWO teleconferences or webinars and can be as extensive as you would like to meet your specific goals.

Each series begins with a one-hour interview with you, the leader, to determine the areas where you want to provide new training for your team. Together, we will create the plan. You can choose from our standard list of topics, or we can customize based on your exact business needs. If you are hesitant to use some of today’s tools like webinars or video conferencing, and it fits your needs but not your skills, no worries! When we partner together, you not only get the benefit of the specialized training topic, you also get the side benefit of working with someone who wants to help you learn how to do it on your own, as well.

Contact Laurie today to chat about your group training & coaching needs.

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