Our Team


Laurie Girardi

President & CEO, The Girardi Group, Inc.

President & Founder, directselling.me

Laurie’s career as an entrepreneur began in the third grade when she realized that she could sell many more Girl Scout cookies at her father’s NYC office building rather than going door to door.  From a young age, she developed a consumer-focused mindset recognizing that the best sales came long after the first encounter with the potential customer.   While Laurie is a self-proclaimed lover of all things technology, who could moonlight as a help-desk operator, she is considered a modern direct selling expert with unique experience that enables her to interface with executives making high-impact strategic decisions as well as an ability to relate with the direct seller working from a corner of her kitchen.  Meet Laurie and learn more about her direct selling expertise.  Laurie is the President & CEO of The Girardi Group, and the firm’s principal consultant.  Laurie is always looking for ways to provide solutions to the direct selling industry that create long-lasting, high-value impact on sales, recruiting, team development and retention.  Directselling.me is the culmination of many years of research and passionate exploration of what’s essential for success for the contemporary direct seller.  Laurie’s background includes a Masters Degree in Economics & Entrepreneurship for educators from the University of Delaware.

Our Internal Team & Key Partnerships

The Girardi Group, Inc. has developed a team of highly respected individuals who help us (and our clients) drive forward into the future. Each of the following individuals has exceptional talent and brilliance. They serve The Girardi Group and our clients in various consulting and contractual capacities and support the Field Services division with very specific areas of responsibility.

Although we are a refreshingly young bunch, with an average age of about 43 (if we normalize for the team of coders) we go back many years professionally and personally. You’d be hard pressed to find another group of individuals more committed to excellence and a passion for serving the needs of clients.


Adrian L. Peoples, Ed.D.

Chief Technology Advisor, The Girardi Group, Inc.

Adrian’s background includes undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and French, and MBA, an MA in Economics and a Doctorate in Educational Technology from the University of Delaware. Adrian is a former developer and full-time data guy with the Delaware Department of Education and has also worked with several entrepreneurial software development companies. Adrian’s expertise as a developer and data management/analyst guides our software decision-making process. He serves the The Girardi Group, Inc. in an executive advisory capacity. Additionally, he provides consulting and development services to corporate and field professional clients looking to bridge the gap between what their systems provide and what they need in terms of data mining and analysis.

Sue Rusch

Sue Rusch

Executive Partner, The Girardi Group, Inc.

Direct Selling Expert, eSuite.me

Sue’s background includes building a nationally-recognized $19 million field direct sales organization and for inspiring thousands to think differently about themselves and their businesses. Her sharp insights are drawn from a depth of experience on both the field and corporate sides of the direct selling industry. From an award-winning field leader with The Pampered Chef to Vice President and General Manager of Big Yellow Box by Crayola (a Hallmark Company), Sue developed a passion for entrepreneurial success. Today, she serves as a speaker, consultant, and strategic advisor to top sales executives and sales leaders. Sue and Laurie often partner in consulting, and Sue is currently developing the “ultimate” leadership course for eSuite.me. Visit www.suerusch.com to connect personally with Sue.

Joanna Dalmacio

Lead Developer

Joanna Dalmacio is an uber talented developer and critical thinker who always figures out how to make something work. She gets that what matters most is that we deliver a great solution to our members. We have not figured out when Joanna sleeps because she’s always there making sure our vision becomes a reality, day after day! When Joanna is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Leigh and their families. She is an avid baker, and she also enjoys building anime figures.

Coco Shanelle Malit-Yao

Graphic Designer, Developer

Coco has been a web designer and developer since 2008, and we’re lucky to have her on our team. She is a hard-worker who enjoys our collaborative environment. Coco fits our team well because she’s as committed to clean, crisp design as we are. She’s passionate about taking what our platform does and making it look pleasing and flow logically to the person navigating it!  In her free time, she loves traveling and dining out with her family. Take a look at Coco’s portfolio here.


Ben Kaplan

Web Developer

Ben Kaplan, of Ben Kaplan Technologies, enjoys merging business management, server expertise and web development with current web technologies. Ben’s current focus is on delivering a seamless user experience within functional and easy to maintain websites. He has twenty plus years of technology and management experience helping small and medium sized businesses in the online world, and more recently he’s been supporting online entrepreneurs. He currently manages a marketing agency, and has had plenty of technology based start-up experience. When he’s not deep into a development project, Ben finds himself hanging with his family, brewing beer, reading sci-fi or baking bread.


Nadine Noble

Brilliant Graphic Designer

Key External Partnership

Nadine has more than a dozen years of experience in the world of graphic design and marketing. She works with organizations across North America and is the team’s token Canuck. She considers herself a “left-brained” designer, creating clear, functional pieces without sacrificing style. Her love of infographics and ebooks baffles her family at times. She’s owns the design studio Idea Nest.


Jill Anderson

Designer & Developer

Key External Partnership

Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design is that rare breed of designer and developer who partners with talented designers, copywriters, and agencies on their websites, and their client’s sites. Jill is passionate about crafting beautiful and innovative websites focused on clear positioning and positive user experiences. As a freelancer for over 14 years, she loves typography, code, and WordPress. She lives in the Atlanta suburbs and enjoys hanging out with her husband and kids. And cat, Peanut, the chief paperweight. She tweets@JillLynnDesign.


Mark Blethen

Web & Graphic Designer

We are also fortunate to work with another fantastic designer who gets what we want and need even before we have a conversation about it. From logos, to web sites, and various creations big and small in between, his ideas are always spot on! (And he’s even won a few awards for his work, too!) Much of our initial graphic design work was created by Mark Blethen of the media deli.

An Outstanding Team of Software & Application Developers

The Girardi Group, Inc. is supported by an extensive team of developers throughout the world with specific expertise in varied areas allowing us to think creatively and provide swift solutions to our clients – both corporate and in the field.

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