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Laurie Girardi, President & CEO, The Girardi Group, Inc.

Laurie Girardi, President & CEO,
The Girardi Group, Inc.

I am proud to have worked in many capacities within the direct selling industry over the last 16 years. It’s an industry full of potential, life-changing opportunity, and amazing individuals. I am honored to work with direct sellers.

In my experiences, I have proven myself as a top-performing entrepreneur within a young direct selling company, a highly regarded business consultant, an embedded executive sales, marketing and operations leader for many different companies as well as a recognized professional speaker and member of the National Speakers Association.

Like many, I became part of the direct selling industry by chance, after a successful previous career as an award-winning educator. I quickly soared to the top of my company’s field earning prestigious recognition in sales, recruiting, and leader development. For over two years, I was the company’s top ranking leader with the highest producing team and organization, the highest lifetime recruiting results and third highest lifetime personal sales.

My style has always been to employ cutting-edge tools and methods.

As a high achieving field leader, I learned that creating sustainable success was about keeping the business focused on achieving results and providing exceptional service. My style has always been to employ cutting-edge tools and methods to make business more efficient and effective thus leaving more time for personalized connections, deep analysis of results and data-based decision making. I am somewhat of a techy geek whose business approach is grounded in core, business fundamentals. By filtering decisions through sound, proven business-building principles, we can adapt and change the tools and methods we apply as our economy, industry and business climate evolve without worrying about diluting results or chasing a trend.

Through consulting and professional speaking, over the past 11 years, I have established myself as a direct selling expert recognized for astute business acumen as well as having contemporary expertise in combining relationship building business practices with the use of technology and social media to drive increases in revenue and ROI.

I have been fortunate to work with and learn from the best. Through my partnership with one of the direct selling industry’s most insightful business strategists, Sue Rusch (Sue Rusch & Associates, LLC), as well as The Girardi Group, I have served clients ranging from start-ups on a shoe-string to $400 million per year entities. I have led the development of a corporate brand backed by investors in a very high-stakes atmosphere from concept through full-scale ecommerce platform. In embedded leadership roles for direct sales companies, I’ve served as Chief Field Development Officer, acting COO, and Vice President of Sales. I am keenly aware of the challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs and corporations as they navigate the balance between social selling and traditional customer-based relationship models.

I have developed a reputation for being committed to excellence and laser-focused on results. But, don’t think I am just about number crunching or interfacing with a computer screen. I firmly believe that great products, people and relationships are the reason why direct selling “works.” Using technology, social media and ecommerce solutions just makes our industry more appealing to a wider group of potential customers and consultants – broadening our reach, deepening our connections. Without passionate direct sellers, we wouldn’t have an industry.

In recent years, in addition to serving direct sales companies in embedded leadership roles, in response to the growing demand for cutting-edge strategies, I’ve launched many digital training programs including:

  • LiveStream School for Direct Sellers
  • Accelerated Growth Leadership Academy
  • Party Plan Bootcamp, a comprehensive program
  • Recruiting Bootcamp
  • A comprehensive program for Virtual Parties & Lead Generation
  • A comprehensive program for Virtual Opportunity Events & Recruiting Success

On behalf of The Girardi Group, I look forward to serving you!

Laurie Girardi

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