About The Girardi Group, Inc.

The Girardi Group, Inc. is a multifaceted firm devoted to providing clients of all sizes with an unwavering commitment to excellence, dedication to every project regardless of depth or duration, and integrity grounded in the fact that our clients’ best interest is always paramount.

Industries We Serve

  1. The Direct Selling Industry
  2. eCommerce
  3. Retail, Hospitality, Technology & Consumer Services
  4. Education

Direct Selling

Our core belief is that independent direct sellers are even more vital in the direct selling industry today.

We primarily serve the direct selling industry by providing services to companies as well as services and products to independent representatives. Most consulting firms today choose either to work exclusively with companies or exclusively with field professionals. We have consciously chosen to have a two-pronged approach serving both. Laurie Girardi is adept at providing high-level strategic consulting to corporations as well as translating strategies into the very tactical execution at the level of a field representative. Our clients gain significant added value with our continual field-focused perspective as well as a contemporary corporate mindset.

The Girardi Group’s expertise with regard to direct selling falls into eight specific categories:

  • Strategic Sales Leadership
  • Cohesive Growth Initiatives
  • Sales force Development
  • Field Training & Coaching
  • Data Mining, Reporting & Automated Analysis
  • Brand DNA Development & Company Marketing Strategy
  • Field Technology Utilization
  • Social Media Infusion

Our core belief is that independent direct sellers are even more vital in the direct selling industry today. We help clients leverage technology and social media, and concurrently, we work to ensure that the human elements of relationship cultivation, impactful experiences and the psychology behind what motivates a sales force to succeed are not diluted through the use of new tools and techniques.

There is no doubt that direct selling is evolving. However, how companies and individuals adapt to new technologies and new platforms for communication is up to them. Here at The Girardi Group we pride ourselves on teaching our clients to think differently about the choices they have with results that lead to sustainable growth and long-term business success. Our approach embraces technology, social media, eLearning and other more cutting-edge applications, but we believe in doing so in a way that opens up opportunities to connect with Millennials without alienating the ever-expanding field of less technologically advanced sellers and baby boomers. This duality presents both challenges and extremely exciting opportunities.

The Girardi Group serves direct selling companies through our Corporate Services division. We serve independent direct sellers through our Field Services.


In addition to serving the direct selling industry, we also offer consulting services to start-ups in the eCommerce space who are looking to leverage referral and/or affiliate marketing as part of their business model. Many companies in the proof of concept phase of business are unsure where they fit in the continuum of business models — from traditional commissioned sales force through a field of independent entrepreneurs to straight eCommerce. We help young start-ups navigate some of the early decision-making to move from proof of concept to launch in a smart, strategic, LEAN way. We love the deep dive into finding solutions that are scalable and fit the exciting pace of a new venture – from developing early marketing, sales and operational strategies to the fine minutia that dictates how those first days of business unfold.

Retail, Hospitality, Technology & Consumer Services

The marketplace has changed. The lines between marketing, sales and operations have blurred. Consumers demand value and make choices about how they do business and with whom differently. The ways in which consumers seek information and make purchasing decisions have evolved significantly over the past several years with the emergence of social media and the unparalleled access to information in our digital age. Consumers care about the opinions of others and believe authentic referrals over marketing copy.

This evolution presents new challenges that require advanced sales and marketing expertise that is still rooted in the belief that relationships are at the core of all business success while embracing newer sales tools & methods. Businesses must harness the potential of a tech-savvy marketing plan, including the power of leveraging a company’s internal content expertise, all while determining what “old-school” techniques remain preferable.

Businesses have to evolve in order to compete in today’s world. Perceptions and first impressions matter. Of course, companies must have the products and services to back up any marketing messaging. It is also imperative that business leaders grasp the importance of strong marketing tools and campaigns in today’s process of cultivating prospective clients, driving sales growth and retaining current accounts. A company’s unique value proposition has to be obvious to the potential consumer. It’s not about flash; however, a company’s substance doesn’t speak for itself without contemporary marketing tools to serve as a conduit to a conversation.

Through our consultative approach, we help businesses from all industries including retail, hospitality, technology and consumer services assess their business strengths and weaknesses through a holistic approach to marketing, sales and operational processes. Whether there is a need for a simple tweak to marketing messages/web presence or a full-scale overhaul and implementation of an entirely new business approach and infusion of new tools, we partner with clients to ensure long-term success in our changing marketplace. We work to ensure an alignment in philosophy and processes across all aspects of our clients’ businesses.

The Girardi Group’s expertise with regard to traditional businesses and industries includes:

  • Assessment of Core Marketing, Sales and Operational Tools, Processes and People
  • Development of Brand DNA & Cohesive Corporate Messaging
  • Creation and Execution of Contemporary Marketing & Social Media Strategy
  • Aligning Marketing Initiatives with Sales Processes
  • Integration of KPI-centric Sales Methods & Tools
  • Leveraging Technology (from mobile to desktop applications) to Elevate Productivity
  • Bridging the Technology Gap – Providing Training & Support for Tech-Challenged Professionals

There is no project too big or too small, and very often the solution is not as monumental as it might seem. Technology often makes navigating a new path feel much more complicated than it has to be. Laurie helps you sort through the pain of learning new methods and tools to find the best solutions that provide the greatest impact to your bottom line. Through partnerships we manage for you, we can handle projects as simple as creating a few new pieces of marketing collateral or a launching a new website to taking over the leadership of your sales/marketing strategy to creating/managing a full-scale plan to move a dinosaur of a process into the digital age. As with everything we do, we customize our recommendations based on each client’s business, products/services, goals and budgetary constraints.


Children represent the future of industry and cultivating strong interpersonal, problem-solving AND technological skills in students of all ages is critical to the future for all of us. Today’s educators are pressed to meet ever-changing benchmarks and goals, to conform to standards without minimizing their effectiveness differentiating instruction and pushed to embrace new technology – learning “on the job.”

Just as there is a technology gap in terms of skills in the private sector, there is, as well, in the public sector – especially in our schools. Many of the most exceptional teachers lack the technology skills necessary to cultivate an integrated approach to infusing technology into the curriculum. And, the teachers that do have the skills are often challenged with unreliable technology tools and time constraints that minimize the effectiveness of their abilities and determination. This technology gap has no easy fix.

In an attempt to give back to her local school community, Laurie Girardi partners with a couple of teachers yearly to provide the technological skills and expertise to bring their visions of integrating technology into what they teach to fruition, whether they are looking to use technology in their day-to-day teaching, communication plan, as a resource for experience-based learning, or just to become more efficient and effective.

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